Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing

A New Solution For Younger Smoother Looking Skin
Laser Skin Resurfacing is performed on an outpatient basis. The amount of surgical time varies, depending on how much of the face is being treated. You and the doctor will discuss this.

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Before & After Surgery

Discomfort can vary from patient to patient, but be assured that you will be given enough medications to keep you comfortable during and after the procedure. Plan to have someone drive you home. Immediately after treatment, your skin will be very red and sensitive. Weeping will occur as new skin is formed. The degree of redness will depend on the age and health of your skin.

The redness will fade to pink and gradually resolve over time. Normally, the pink colour can be camouflaged after 5 days, but most people prefer not to, because it has a young and healthy look.

What are the results & how long will they last?
The results are excellent. Your skin should be smoother, softer, and more even-toned within days. NaturaLase effectively turns back the clock. Now, the rate at which your skin seems to age depends on how well you protect it from the environment. You are in control!

Skin Rejuvenation


The Erbium Laser energy is applied in quick intense bursts.


With the first pass of the Laser beam, the old skin is vaporised




The facial wrinkles are diminished as healthy young skin cells begin to grow and collagen & elastic fibers are again formed and laid down in an orderly fashion.


How is this possible?
The heat energy from a laser beam can cause unnecessary “heat damage” well below the superficial skin layers, which is primarily responsible for the pain, a prolonged recovery period, and complications often associated with laser skin resurfacing. Until now this extreme heating process has been unavoidable. The unique Erbium laser uses technology to eliminate this, which results in a treatment that is faster healing, less traumatic, safer, and is still highly effective.

rej8 rej9 Much less damage with the Erbium than the CO2 laser

Effects of Heredity and Time
We are all born with smooth, baby soft skin. As we go through life our skin becomes a road map showing the effects of where we have been and what we have done. Even if we have taken care of our skin, many of us are affected by childhood and adolescent diseases while heredity and gravity always take their toll. Exposure to sun, use of alcohol, smoking and less than optimal nutrition all accelerate the signs of aging. Moles, warts, keratoses, scars from acne or facial trauma may further mar our skin and such blemishes may adversely affect our self image. In the past, chemical peels, dermabrasion and the CO2 Laser have been the primary means of reducing these undesirable effects. Since these techniques lack adequate control, there is significant risk of scarring and the cosmetic results are frequently unsatisfactory. Other lasers offered increased precision and more consistent results, but still had limited applications. The necessity of anaesthesia, bandages, months of redness, long recovery time, possible pigment complications and limited treatment areas, made it undesirable for most patients.

This new generation Erbium Lasers offers a better alternative. It combines its advanced “cool beam” laser with a specially formulated clinical treatment cream that interacts with the laser beam. This results in a highly effective yet incredibly gentle treatment. This gives you a gentle, quick-recovery procedure that is great for all skin types and skin areas, including the face, neck, hands and chest.

You have the advantages of:

  • Shorter Recovery time (reduced to days)
  • No need for Anaesthetic (less risk and less expensive)
  • New treatable areas (face as well as hands, neck & chest)
  • Virtually colour blind (safe for all skin types)
  • Wider treatment range (deep or superficial)


Treatable Conditions

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Sun Damage
  • Some Birthmarks
  • Some Pre-Cancerous Skin Conditions
  • Hyper-Pigmentation