Being and staying healthy, must be the result of a lifestyle of your own choice. Not a fad, or forced diet ….. because someone else thinks it would be good for you. You must be doing it for yourself, not, because someone else expects it from you. All diets will ultimately fail, it is an abnormal lifestyle that you are forcing onto yourself.

Eating healthy foods that you love, doing exercises that you like and spending sole private time with yourself, is sustainable ….. and will work.

Lifestyle Medicine, which has been a passion of mine for all my life, has finally come onto its own as a medical specialty.

This site is about most of the aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  Meaning, looking after your well being as a whole.

We are focusing on eyesight, nutrition, exercise and mental well being.

We started off as the local Life Enhancement Institute, but have since expanded and have now essentially gone global via the internet.