Generation Y …. whinging with reason ?

Maybe the generation-y’ers have a point and maybe it is our fault (the baby boomers).


Our parents came through the depression years and we were motivated by them constantly to study. My dad always said that no-one can ever take your qualifications away from you, so study, study, study. But, there were not that many occupations around in those days and almost everything you studied invariably did lead towards a profession of some kind.

We, the baby boomer, generation were not so strict on our generation y kids, as our parents were on us. Times were good and it was said that most of our kids will someday work in occupations that didn’t exist in their schooling years. Their future is bright and interesting …. or, is it?

When it comes to study they did study, but, they studied all the “nice” and interesting subjects, that don’t necessary lead to a specific profession. Our emphasis was not correct, we should have motivated our kids to become “professionally qualified”, not just studying.

There are only 2 kinds of people that make the wheels of the world go round:  the professionals and the entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs are born like that, you can’t study to be one. If you aren’t a born entrepreneur, then you have to study towards a specific profession.

For the rest you have to have a professional qualification, be it a doctor, lawyer, bricklayer, plumber, electrician, etc. If you are asked “what is your profession?” then you must be able to answer in one or 2 words ….. and then everyone will know exactly what is is that you do. But, if you start waffling around, trying to explain what it is that you do, then you have missed the boat. Sure, it does take studying to get anywhere, that is the essential part ……… but, it must be towards a specific professional qualification.