Where to now?

Why are so many of todays youngsters battling to get jobs?

In my opinion, it’s because many of them have no set goals, in the way that previous generations had to have.

There are too many interesting ?career? options now days.

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Previous generations only had a few career options, so choices and goal setting was much less complicated.


‘Baby bust’ generation: Today’s young ‘will end up 25% worse

off than their boomer parents’

Are millennials really the first generation to do worse than

their parents?



Middle-class young ‘will fare worse than their parents’

David Cameron’s social mobility and child poverty inquiry to issue grim warning as debt and job fears create ‘perfect storm’
issue grim warning as debt and job fears create ‘perfect storm’


Why do they all say this? What’s the problem? Where did things go wrong? Where to now?

Many youngsters tend to study something interesting and think that once they  have this “interesting”  qualification, all the job opportunity doors will automatically open. Then the rude awakening:-   It doesn’t happen!

Why not?

You first need to set a goal.  If you don’t have a goal, you are like a small car roaming, on a large map, drifting around, going no-where. What’s more. Drifting around is expensive. The car has to be maintained, insured, fueled up and serviced, while it is on it’s way to nowhere.

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The goal must be specific and well defined, not fuzzy.


You have to make a career choice. It must be specific.

You must visualize yourself 5, 10, 20 years from now. Set your goal.

Once you know where you are going, the road will become clear.


Know where you want to go and only then decide what to study. Find out what are the best and right qualifications you need for you planned career and then see that you set yourself on the correct road to get there. Not the other way round. (you can’t first study something and then decide on a career).

Spend most of  your leisure and holiday time getting a solid foundation towards your goal.

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Be purposeful and structure your studies very specifically towards your future career.

Once you are on your road on a clear map, then, success cannot and will not elude you at the end.




So, set your goals. Have a 5, 10 and 20 year plan.


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Put 110% effort into qualifying yourself towards a very, very specific career goal.



Visualize your future.. Not a pie in the sky. It must be specific.

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Once you have arrived, are financially comfortable and have achieved your goal. Then you can start spending your time on all the other  interesting career options. You can the do those as sideline businesses or secondary career options. Then you have money and can finance your other interests at leisure.

But, don’t confuse yourself with all the nice options until you have reached your goal in your chosen career.

Once you have arrived, only then, can you live the interesting life.