Excercise Music

I was probably the last person to discover how powerful the effect of music on exercise is.

Exercising to me was always “my time” Whether I was jogging, exercising with free weights, or any type of exercise, I always regarded it as sort of my meditation time. A time when my mind was not occupied by anything.

For that reason whenever I saw people exercising with earphones I always pitied them and thought how could they?

Until ……

I did it myself during the lockdown period. Indoor running can become very long and boring, even with the TV on. Putting the earphones in and listening to my fovourite songs while exercising opend up a whole new dimension in my life.

Exercising was now so much more pleasant and time flies while listening to it. Exercise is much easier and I can still have my mind in the “meditation” zone while doing all of this at the same time.

Why was I always so biased ? I certainly lost out on this one over the years. Big mistake.